Money isn't the motivation behind making these servers, but for those of you that appreciate the time and effort that goes into setting them up and maintaining them, and wish to help relieve some of the financial burden, there are several options.

We do not offer the purchase of in game items, perks, or advantages for monetary gain. The main benefit to donating is keeping the servers going.


If you wish to donate regularly, patreon will allow you pledge a monthly amount, and give some bonuses as recognition in return.

  • Unique role on discord
  • Access to donator only maps
  • Access to the breeding map. (flat map, 40% reduced breeding cooldown, insta imprints, 500x maturation).
  • Access to the CritterFree map (flat map, zytharian critters removed, used for doing paragon gods without getting zytharian critters paragons)

There are 5 tiers, only 3 show up by default, click show all

Please note: I do send HexenLord a kickback from the patreon pledges, as a thanks for the work he does on Omega, the mod that our entire cluster is built on. If you do not wish to support hex for whatever reason, keep this in mind.


This is if you want to send a one off donation with no commitment. If you want me to consider this a personal tip, and not put it towards the servers, feel free to add a note.